The luxurious rooms have each been decorated in their own specific style. The lounge area has been decorated in the Zagreb style, while the rooms each represent a different world city.

The lounge area or living room is the place where we spend most of our time, resting and relaxing. Therefore, it is important that this area is comfortably furnished, with details that help us to relax. Each of the eight rooms tells the tale of a world city, while the lounge area, as the central room, has been decorated in the Zagreb style. The large and spacious lounge area, in the blue colours of Zagreb, are sure not to leave anyone indifferent, and the wall mural of the main city square, Trg bana Josipa Jelačića is sure to attract the most attention. The lounge area also includes a kitchen with all the necessary equipment, which is open to our guests around the clock for the duration of their stay at the Rooms Connect.

Every city has something special and distinctive about it, and so does Zagreb – but why is Zagreb in the centre? Because the Rooms Connect are in Zagreb. Upon entering the lounge room, the first thing you will notice is the predominant shade of blue, which is the symbol of the city. This colour is found on the city’s coat of arms, and a short walk through the streets will reveal the same, as the colour is found on the trams, buses and the funicular to the Upper Town, as well as on the jerseys of Zagreb’s sports teams. Leaf through one of the brochures, and let them be your guide, as they contain all the interesting information about the city. The lounge area is the central part of Connect, and enters into each of the city rooms, i.e. each room is equipped with various souvenirs and symbols that are sure to make you feel as though you are in that city for the entire duration of your stay.

If you wish to try a delicious local meal made from fresh ingredients, visit the Vinkl restaurant in the same building. All of our guests are also welcome to take advantage of the largest fitness centre in Croatia and its wellness centre, the specialised dental clinic Dental Centar b2, free Wi-Fi, supervised garage parking. The building is equipped for the disabled. Our professional staff can provide you with any additional information you may need, and they speak several languages.

Visit us and enjoy your stay!