This luxurious room, decorated in the style of Rome, is sure to enchant every guest. Each room is decorated in its own unique style, and each tells the story of one of the world’s best loved cities.

The room decorated in the Roman style is sure to immediately remind you of the small and romantic Roman streets, delicious food and premium wines. Rooms Connect offers you the chance to reserve a room with exactly these details, and guests in this room are sure to feel as though they are actually in Rome, and not in Zagreb, the Croatian capital.

Rome is a specific city, with a rich and interesting culture and customs, which is exactly what this room is.

The luxurious rooms in the Rooms Connect are decorated each in their own style, to represent a famous world city. Stay in a different room every time! They are fitted and furnished in the styles of New York, London, Paris, Munich, Vienna, Dubai and Moscow.

Each luxurious rooms also has its own modernly equipped bathroom. Guests are welcome to use the lounge room, which represents the city of Zagreb, and its modernly equipped kitchen where you can make coffee or tea, free parking, Wi-Fi, special disabled access. Sports lovers can take advantage of the largest fitness centre in Croatia, while the building also contains a specialised dental office that applies the latest in dental techniques to provide all dental services in one place. If you wish to try a local home-style meal, visit the small family owned Vinkl restaurant, which offers dishes made from fresh ingredients at a reasonable price.

If you wish to feel Rome and get to know its culture, customs and history, reserve this luxurious room and enjoy the Italian magic.