The New York style room is the perfect choice if you love adrenaline, fast rhythms, good company and a lot of fun. Take a peek into this unique room outfitted with souvenirs from New York.

New York is the city that never sleeps, the centre of fashion, beauty, social life and culture. From now on, you can get the feel of this modern American city in Zagreb, in one of the most luxurious accommodation rooms in the city centre. All the sights and souvenirs of New York in one room, all with the aim of bringing you the feel of this unique city.

The room contains a modernly equipped bathroom with all the necessary elements, a wardrobe, shelves with souvenirs and a comfortable bed for a good night’s sleep. The Rooms Connect are just outside the main city centre, and all the most important sights and institutions are accessible by public transport. If you want to have a good night’s rest, and to relax and enjoy Zagreb, reserve the New York room and have a unique experience: to be in one city, and yet feel as though you are in another city, thousands of kilometres away.

In addition to the room, guests are welcome to enjoy the lounge area that is decorated in the Zagreb style, which is the central area for all the rooms, each decorated in the style of a different world city. In addition to New York, guests can choose from the rooms London, Paris, Munich, Rome, Vienna, Dubai and Moscow.

All visitors to the Rooms Connect are welcome to enjoy the free Wi-Fi, and our professional and courteous staff will ensure that you have access to all the information you might need.

If you wish to get a feeling of New York, you can now do so in Zagreb. Reserve this room outfitted in the New York style.