Munich is a city known for beer and football, and also for its Bavarian style. Visit the Rooms Connect, and reserve the room decorated in the Munich style.

The Rooms Connect are the most luxurious accommodation rooms in Zagreb. Each room is decorated in the style of a world city and each bears its own story. The Munich room is decorated in the famous Bavarian style, which each guest will recognise by the furnishings and the many details throughout.

An additional luxury during your stay at the Rooms Connect is Croatia’s largest fitness centre found in the same building, complete with wellness and relaxation treatments, and the specialised dental clinic Dental Centar b2. Special access is enabled for the disabled. If you want to try some tasty home-style meals, visit the family restaurant Vinkl.

All guests of our rooms are welcome to enjoy the lounge area and its fully equipped kitchen. The lounge area is decorated in the Zagreb style. The colour blue and many brochures will better acquaint you with Croatia’s capital city.

Whether you have ever been to Munich or not, or whether you come from that city yourself, be sure to reserve this room and enjoy the special pleasure.

The Rooms Connect are all decorated in the style of a different world city: in addition to Munich, you can also reserve your stay in the room decorated in the style of New York, London, Paris, Rome, Vienna, Dubai or Moscow.